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Ce Weekend Aux Utopiales à Nantes

October 28, 2016


Ce weekend (29 et 30 octobre) je serai aux Utopiales à Nantes, un des plus grands festivals de science-fiction en France. Je ferai les dédicaces au Pôle Ludique à 10h samedi et dimanche, et aussi deux conférences le samedi 29 :

  • 12h – Steampunk, Dieselpunk, et Cyberpunk (à l’Agora de M. Spock)
  • 14h – Le Crowdfunding (à l’Agora de M. Spock)

Le Mindjammer livre de base sera en vente, et aussi on aura les exemplaires du roman Mindjammer et les scénarios Hearts and Minds, The City People, et Dominion. Et bien sûr je vagabonderai dans les salles à la recherche des amis et des nouveaux jeux et livres !

J’espère de vous voir là !

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  1. January 20, 2017 1:53 am

    Hi Sarah

    I’ve lost your direct email so I had to reply to this post!

    I have just picked up Mindjammer – Traveller. It is awesome! Exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    As you know, I love the Mindjammer setting; but my players had trouble with FATE (I like it, they don’t). But they do like Traveller.

    I love Traveller – it was the second RPG I ever owned (white box D&D being the first, LBB Traveller the second and Call of Cthulhu being the third.) However, much as I love some of the setting (I wore out my copy of ‘The Kinunir’), I think that the Third Imperium took over too much and now it’s hard to escape.

    Until now. MJ-T is ideal. The Wayfarers are looking for something new; this will be it.

    Are you going to Games Expo this year? I need another autographed copy.

    As a side note; I’m currently running a Numenera PbF over on RPGGeek. I’d appreciate it it if you took a look and dropped me a few comments.

    Au revoir

    Brass Jester


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