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“Mindjammer” Review by Jaine Fenn, author of the Hidden Empire series

Newton paints a rich, deep and complex future, especially in the use of the Mindscape, a mental space shared by all humanity… What the book does do well is to use science fiction to explore big questions: about consciousness, and what it is to be human, and where developments like the Mindscape might ultimately lead… It’s a sophisticated extrapolation of current tech, with a thoughtful background and plenty of rollicking adventure.

Mindjammer – Andrew Girdwood (Geek Native) Best of the Year 2012 at the Forbidden Planet Blog

Sarah Newton’s sci-fi Mindjammer was my surprise find. I like sci-fi but get slightly cautious when technology and years advance to such an extent that absolutely everything seems alien. In Mindjammer we do have that alien technology and humans who are biologically strange to us but there’s also simply a solid story, given strength by interesting characters that we can relate to and their conflicts.

Review of “Mindjammer” at The Eloquent Page

There are some blistering action set pieces in this novel… When it comes to galactic power struggles this is exactly the sort of thing I’m looking for. I want an awe-inducing sense of scale, I want explosions so large they make my head spin, I want to be wowed. I’m glad to say that Mindjammer certainly delivers… Newton excels when it comes to capturing the frenetic chaos of warfare… I certainly wouldn’t be averse to reading more adventures set in this particular universe.

Review of “Mindjammer” at the British Fantasy Society

Mindjammer is an exceptionally well written sci-fi/space opera, full to the brim of non-stop action, battles and characters who not only have to question their own motives, but those of others around them in the Second Age of Space.

A complete page turner, if you’re anything like me you’ll whizz through it. I actually felt excited reading Mindjammer, and can recommend it really highly.

Interview with Sarah at the FATE SF Blog (Part 2)

Charles Tan of the World SF Blog asks about the genesis of the Mindjammer setting, writing for RPGs and fiction, and the decision to found Mindjammer Press.

Interview with Sarah at the FATE SF Blog (Part 1)

Interview with Sarah at the FATE SF Blog (Part 2)

John Till of the FATE SF Blog does a long and insightful interview into the origins of the Mindjammer and Chronicles of Future Earth settings, Olaf Stapledon, cool new RPG concepts, and more.

Review of the “Mindjammer” novel at Shores of Night

“William Gibson-like in the intensity of the ideas it introduces… a heady mixture of action, crunchy science fiction elements and that perennial cyberpunk or transhuman question: what does human mean? … science fiction may have a new star just forming in its firmament.”

Review of the “Mindjammer” novel at

“I really enjoyed this book. The action was fast-paced, the science was believable without being too ‘crunchy’, and the approach to defining the ‘human condition’ was excellent… In many ways the setting is reminiscent of the Iain M Banks Culture series…”

Review of the “Mindjammer” novel at Stargazer’s World

“In my opinion good SF should not only entertain but make us ask questions. Mindjammer does that all the time… Mindjammer is a very exciting and intelligently-written novel that should be on the reading list of every SF fan!”

The Mindjammer Interview – GMS Podcast #16

Episode 16 of “The GMS Magazine Podcast” is an interview with Sarah talking about the key themes of the Mindjammer setting and the ideas behind the “Mindjammer” novel – plus some sneak excerpts from the Mindjammer theme music.

Interview with Sarah Newton on Stargazer’s World

“Some of you might still remember my review of Legends of Anglerre which I posted a while ago. While reading this book I thought it would be a blast to do an interview with its lead writer and editor Sarah Newton. Luckily Sarah agreed to answer a couple of question for us.”

The GMS Podcast #12

Episode 12 of “The GMS Magazine Podcast” has Sarah guest-hosting and chatting with host Paco Jaen about GenCon, gaming, the upcoming “Mindjammer” novel, and generally refusing to let go of the microphone!

Newton’s First Law – Podcast Interview on “It Came from the Cubicle”

Episode 2 of “It Came from the Cubicle” has an interview with Sarah about gaming, Mindjammer, and Legends of Anglerre.

Mindjammer on by Christopher Richeson

“Mindjammer offers excellent setting support for Starblazer Adventures by blending action adventure transhumanist sci-fi with a solid understanding of what makes FATE so much fun. 5 out of 5 – excellent!”

Atomic Array Interview with Sarah at GenCon 2010

Mindjammer won a Judges Spotlight Award at the 2010 Ennie Awards – this link is an interview with Sarah about Mindjammer, Starblazer, FATE, and Legends of Anglerre recorded by the great guys at Atomic Array during GenCon 2010.

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